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Epiphy Academy Refund Policy

(1) For teaching / tutoring services

If you are not satisfied with our classes, you may choose to de-enrol / discontinue after attending a maximum of three initial classes (of a subject); if you communicate us your intent to discontinue before attending the fourth class, we will retain a flat INR 2000 (per subject) and refund you the balance amount from what you paid.

(2) For consulting services (such as Profile Building, Essay Editing, Comprehensive Applications Assistance etc)

We are confident about the quality of our consulting services, our results are a testimony to which. Our expertise stems from years of experience and research. Once you enrol for a consulting service, we put deep efforts in understanding and analysing your profile to provide you a customised solution, before commencing the consulting process. Thus, once the consultation commences, you are immediately benefitted by our expertise. And, hence, we're unable to provide any refund once we start delivering our consulting services. 

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