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At Epiphy, we value the relationships we build with our students and strive to foster lifelong connections with them. Our students have a strong sense of belonging at the institute and have gone on to achieve success at prestigious universities such as Stanford, UBC, and NTU. We are proud of their achievements and how they have excelled after transitioning from Epiphy to these top universities.

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Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart, Little Forest, USA (2024)

Aanya Sahu

Epiphy Academy has helped me greatly in my AP Calculus BC journey and also helped me achieve a 5 on the test! I took this course online at school, and therefore, needed extra help with it. As many of you may know, AP Calculus BC is one of the most difficult courses and of course, was not easy for me. When I started tutoring with Kalpit Sir, he started from the very beginning (regardless of where I was in my online course) to built a strong foundation. On the side, he also helped me with my assignments and tests at school. We worked out the time zone difference and he scheduled classes around and after my extracurriculars.

Kalpit Sir is the best teacher. He not only knows the subject well, but also absolutely knows how to teach - which is a quality many teachers lack. I am amazed at how well Kalpit Sir understands his students. He knew exactly which concepts I struggled with and which concepts I had a strong grasp on. He was aware of the gaps in my learning and made sure he filled those gaps in. He knew what topics I was comfortable or not comfortable with even more than I knew myself.

His classes are super good, he explains very well and always clears every doubt you may have. Within a few months of tutoring, he got my concepts cleared and made me confident in the subject, to the point that I really enjoyed learning it!

In the weeks leading up to the AP exam, Kalpit Sir accommodated extra hours for practice and discussions. Even the practices that he gave me were strategically designed on how to achieve a 5 on the test. After every practice, he would grade the paper in detail, and go over it with me through each question. He puts in huge efforts in his students and the results show that too.

I would recommend Kalpit Sir to anyone who wants a strong foundation in math. Especially for those taking AP exams, there can’t be a better teacher than him. Truly, Epiphy Academy has helped me a lot and I will be excited to work again with them in the future!

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Delhi Public School, Jaipur, India (2020)

Aditi Vashishtha

Berklee College of Music

Kalpit Sir is an outstanding mentor and guide. His unwavering support and guidance throughout my university application process was invaluable. When I was facing the difficult decision of choosing between my passion for music and the practicality of a different career path, Kalpit Sir asked me a question that would change my life forever. He asked me, 'Can you envision yourself on a world stage, playing music to a captivated audience, or in a corporate office, leading as a CEO?' This question helped me to see the potential of my true passion and I finally decided to apply to my dream school, Berklee College of Music. Without Kalpit Sir's guidance, I would not have been able to achieve my dream of studying music at such a highly renowned institution. I am forever grateful for his mentorship and I owe my acceptance to Berklee to him. Thank you, Kalpit Sir, for your unwavering support and guidance.

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SMS Vidyalaya, Jaipur, India (2023)

Kamya Agarwal

Learning from Kalpit sir and his team was an exceptional experience and really helped me grow not just my score but my overall knowledge and interest in the subjects. The faculty were highly experienced in their subjects which definitely reflected in their teaching methods. They were really patient and we’re always ready to work that extra mile just to clarify topics. The classes were also fun and light hearted, not stressful and overburdening at all even after the rigorous course. Lastly I would like to thank Kalpit sir for being the teacher and guiding force that he was in this journey, he always helped in every little step towards my SAT, even adjusted with my personal schedule and made extra efforts to teach me and clear my concepts.

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