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Kalpit Kamal Jain

Mr. Jain holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from MNIT Jaipur and had initially worked with an adhesive manufacturing giant in India. He soon forayed into the field of education with the aim of contributing more tangibly towards development of the society, and has never looked back since then. He is a prolific teacher of Mathematics and specialises in teaching for Advanced Placement (AP) exams in Calculus and Statistics. His style of teaching is top-down, meaning, he first shows the bigger picture of a topic in a real world perspective and then breaks it down into finer theoretical details.


Besides, he is a master at curating personalised strategies for undergraduate admission to leading foreign universities and creatively editing application essays so as to craft unique and compelling stories! No wonder, his students have went on to secure admission at top universities across the world such as Stanford University, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania, Georgia Tech, University of California at San Diego, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, City University of Hong Kong, Tohoku University and so on.


When not engaged professionally, he likes to spend time with his family, cook, and photograph. He is also into travelling, movies and numismatics.

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Most school students in India are involuntarily propelled to pursue peer or family influenced career paths. We, at Epiphy Academy, strive to give students the courage to walk the "roads less taken" and hand-hold them throughout the journey headed towards the best universities for them, in the world.


Can you decipher "Epiphy"?

The word “Epiphy” results from our founder's fascination for Mathematics and is made up of three irrational numbers having very rational meanings: e, pi, and phi. The number “pi” spans the globe, marking all the various world-class universities our students land up in; “e” symbolizes exponential growth, which we wish our students witness in their careers; and, “phi”, the golden ratio, which is magically present everywhere, from inside our DNA all the way up to our galaxy, is to remind ourselves of our place in this universe!


The same three numbers also intricately constitute our logo, do you see?