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Epiphy Academy's consulting service for undergraduate admissions to foreign universities has a 100% success rate in securing acceptance to QS Top 100 Universities

Epiphy Academy is committed to helping students grow, thrive, and realize their full potential. We cultivate a love of learning. We encourage diligent effort and commitment. And we collaborate closely with each student and their family to offer truly student-centered assistance with college applications.

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At Epiphy Academy, we offer one-on-one tutoring in a variety of subjects, as well as comprehensive admissions consulting to help students create strong college applications and stand out in the competitive admissions process. Explore our services to learn more and start your journey towards success today.

Our Profile Building Service assists students in creating a strong, well-rounded profile that showcases their unique strengths and accomplishments, allowing them to stand out from their peers and make a more compelling case for college admissions. A strong profile can be especially important for students applying to selective colleges and universities, which receive a large number of applications but only admit a small percentage of them.

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In everything we do, we put the interests of our students ahead of those of our company. Many of our competitors "sell dreams" to prospective students, but we don't.

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Our students' standardized test scores exceed the global average. Furthermore, every single student who uses our comprehensive College Admissions Consulting service is accepted by at least one of their favorite colleges.

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Trustworthy Team

Many families have placed their trust in us by enrolling all of their children in our programmes. This would not have been possible if it weren't for the integrity and hard work of our team.


At Epiphy, we value the relationships we build with our students and strive to foster lifelong connections with them. Our students have a strong sense of belonging at the institute and have gone on to achieve success at prestigious universities such as Stanford, UBC, and NTU. We are proud of their achievements and how they have excelled after transitioning from Epiphy to these top universities.

Kamya Agarwal

SMS Vidyalaya Jaipur, 2023

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Learning from Kalpit sir and his team was an exceptional experience and really helped me grow not just my score but my overall knowledge and interest in the subjects. The faculty were highly experienced in their subjects which definitely reflected in their teaching methods. They were really patient and we’re always ready to work that extra mile just to clarify topics. The classes were also fun and light hearted, not stressful and overburdening at all even after the rigorous course. Lastly I would like to thank Kalpit sir for being the teacher and guiding force that he was in this journey, he always helped in every little step towards my SAT, even adjusted with my personal schedule and made extra efforts to teach me and clear my concepts.

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